2015 Solstrand

2015 Solstrand

For SAED 2015 we went back at the wonderful Solstrand outside Bergen, Norway.
SAED 2015 was once again held at the beautiful Solstrand outside Bergen, and we had a very exciting program lined up for all of you, scientifically as well as socially. This year we also thanked Arne Lund for his brilliant leadership, as he handed the keycard over to SAEDs new President Trine Bjelke-Holtermann.
Solstrand encompasses many of the ideals that the SAED possess. The hotel is large enough to accommodate the entire membership of the SAED plus many of their guests, yet small enough to have the intimacy necessary to encourage the camaraderie and interactive informal discussions which make the Esthetic Academies unique in the world of dental symposia. Thats why we are also coming back for 2016.
SAED 2015 included a fantastic 70s party, and we were all blown away by the effort you all had put into your costumes. We cant wait to see what you all come up with for next year´s theme party. A special thank you goes out to Peter Lembke Gerdes for his Elvis performance during the dinner.
As always, 2015 also had the traditional Gala dinner with a few surprises, and this year, the Exco´s advisor Morten Duesund invited the honorary (and very surprised) John Besford as well as Arne Lund to perform to perform with him during dinner, an unrehearsed version of Dylan´s "To make you feel my love". The drums by John, the guitar from Arne, and the voice from Morten carried the song in a way that without a doubt showed the love between the three gentlemen - and the three men´s love for everyone in the room.

During the Sunday morning SAED General Assembly, President Arne lund was thanked for his brilliant service and leadership over the past two years, and a new ExCo was elected, lead by SAEDs new President Trine Bjelke-Holtermann. For all the details on the new ExCo, and the decisions from the General Assembly, please see the GA Meeting Protocol.

There are so many that the ExCo need to thank after this year´s fantastic symposium, from the past presidents and ExCo members that have worked tirelessly to put together an incredible program and a fantastic range of lecturers, to Penny and Sarah from Conference Shop for organising everything and keeping everything flowing throughout the weekend. The Conference Shop has done such a tremendous job that they have been chosen to continue to work with SAED also for future events. Last but certainly not least - a warm thank you to all our sponsors who helped make all of this possible, and to all the wonderful delegates. Without you, there would be no symposium.

How time fly when you´re having fun.. We can´t wait to see you all again at SAED 2016 at Solstrand.

"We are what we continously do,
perfection then is not an act, but a habit"

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