SAED Annual Meeting 2007

The last weekend in April, in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Sjaelland on the “Danish Riviera”, the perfect framework for yet another successful scientific meeting of the Scandinavian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Due to last minute illness, the program had to be changed, as the keynote speaker, dental clinician/technician Ed McLaren from California suffered a back injury. However, with the help of the current president John Orloff, and especially the past-president Roy Samuelsen, they succeeded in convincing Dr Fritz Kopp and his master technician Hans Peter Spielman, to make the trip from Zurich to Denmark with 4 days notice, and contribute to the scientific session with 6 hours of quality lecturing. We were given detailed descriptions of the protocol established by these 2 masters of uncompromising dental restorative therapy.
As usual, the gala dinner was a tremendous social success … it goes without saying that the gastronomy and the wine were in the same class as the days’ lectures. What is amazing with the now 11 year old Academy is the camaraderie, and the genuine interest among the members to create an atmosphere to which they want to return year after year.
Saturday saw the introduction of a concept “borrowed” from the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. 4 members were asked to present cases, where they spent 5 minutes presenting all the objective and subjective diagnoses and information necessary to suggesting appropriate treatment plans. The membership then had the opportunity to discuss the treatment modalities which could be considered based on this information. Following lengthy debates and discussions, the presenters were then asked to show how they had solved the cases, and to discuss their thought processes in making the decisions. This gave a wonderful opportunity for all members to participate actively, and to share ideas. Let’s hope that the Executive Council continue with this very thought-provoking and enlightening endeavor.
During the General Assembly, the future meetings were discussed, and with the autumn trip to Bavaria already well-planned, and the following years trips to Gotland and Solstrand Fjord, the SAED has ensured that their future sessions will also be “must-see” events in the dental calendar.
Congratulations to the Council for once again putting together a weekend well worth attending.


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