SAED Spring Meeting 2007

On September 27, our group of members of the SAED arrived in Munich from early morning till late afternoon. Those who choose early arrival were invited by 3M Espe to the Oktoberfest, and met at the airport for a bus ride, right to the entrance of the festival area. We all enjoyed a terrific afternoon with lots of fun and very special atmosphere. After numerous large jars of beer, together with typical Bavarian food, we were driven to our hotel at Starnberger See.
All participants, 30 altogether, joined at the hotel for a buffet dinner, but not very many stayed up late that evening.
The bus waited for us the next morning at 8.15 and everyone was there! After a ride on winding roads into the countryside, we reached the 3M Espe factory; an impressive, modern and well organized facility.

The meeting had the following topics:
Company Presentation, Mr. Al Viehbeck
LAVA Crowns and Bridges, Dr. Anke Behrens
Highlights - from Prep to Crown, Dr. Sigrid Harder
Visit LAVA lab (in House), Gabriele Brzoska
Company Tour, Dr. Annika Meyer and Mr. Paul Dudek
Zirconia Aesthetic Dynamics, Dr. Sanjay Sethi
Nanotechnology in Dentistry, Dr. Andreas Syrek
What Will The Future Bring, Drs. S. Harder, M M. Hartung and Mr. A. Schulte
After this day full of up to date information, we thought 3M Espe could not do much more to show their generosity, but there was more to come. Given about five minutes to prepare for evening activities, we were driven to a monastery, Kloster Andechs, run by seven monks. Kloster Andechs is simply well worth a visit. We were treated with beer tasting, together with tasteful local food, something one just has to experience. A highlight of the evening was the welcoming speech of 3M Espe’s Europe head, Thomas Rigstad-Andersen, a Dane and great friend of the SAED.
Saturday, with the bus picking us up already at 7.45, held a program as follows:
A Personal Approach to Composite Restorations Prof. Angelo Putignano
Low Shrink Composites Dr. Wolfgang Weinmann
Latest Development in Adhesive Technology Dr. Thomas Luchterhandt
We were given the opportunity to discuss what had been lectured. A lively discussion followed and it was easy to notice that the 3M Espe staff fully enjoyed having such a knowledgeable audience. New materials being covered from all aspects were composites, adhesives, impression and prophylaxis materials.
After a light lunch, we said farewell to Seefeld and 3M Espe. The bus now took us all to the “original” Disneyland castle, created by the mentally insane Bavarian King Ludwig II. After a long steep walk (or climb the Danes would say!) we reached the impressive 19th century building. Walking back downhill, most of us took a short brake at an inn, enjoying a Bayer (Danish slang for beer).
The following evening went on in the usual, splendid spirit of the SAED. The tables were lay for a festive night to enjoy the last night of each others company. There was lively talk everywhere and laughter moved freely from table to table. Everyone agreed that we had enjoyed a fantastic trip, with lots of learning and social entertainment, and looking forward to next year’s arrangement.
The spirits were high even the next morning when an early breakfast was served before the bus ride to Frans Josef Strauss Airport. Everyone was happy, knowing that they had been part of an arrangement, totally in top class that had given everyone both new knowledge and memories of great fun to bring home.


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