Keynote speakers 2018

Lecturers - S.A.E.D 2018

finlay sutton
Dr. Finlay Sutton
The 7 pillars of ‘denture’ wisdom

Lecture and workshop
rasperini 16x9
Prof. Giulio Rasperini
Approaches to Maximize Esthetic Periodontal Outcomes

Lecture and workshop
federico brunner 3
Dr. Federico Brunner
DSD & Photo

Workshops (bring your camera)
heming olsen-bergem
Dr. Heming Olsen-Bergem
Surgical Precision and Complications

unni endal
Dr. Unni Endal

john besford
Dr. John Besford

Honorary Lecture
andreas f%c3%a4lting
Dr. Andreas Fälting
Bioactive Restoratives

Lecture and workshop
arne lund 16x9 (2)
Dr. Arne Lund
Cracked!.. now what?

Lecture and workshop
morten backdrop 2
Dr. Morten Duesund
The business end of things..