SAED Membership

​SAED want active members, and our yearly meeting is an important way to meet other members, discuss difficult and interesting cases and learn more about dentistry from other interested dentists in Scandinavia. The yearly meeting also includes the organization´s General Assembly, and as SAED member, you are eligible to vote at the General Assembly and take part in the further development of SAED.

Membership also includes a subscription on our official publication: The European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. The publication is issued four times a year and is a valuable source of information for esthetic dentistry.
At our yearly meetings, we invite members to present cases from their daily practice. The idea is to have fruitful discussions about different treatment alternatives and techniques. We suggest that all members photograph cases, for many reasons! If you already have an interesting esthetic case, either difficult with multi team approach or an easy one, please use the contact form or E-mail us.

If you wish to apply for a membership, please click here.


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