For the spouses..

As my spouse Trine Bjelke-Holtermann was elected President for SAED in 2015, It is my privilege, as "first lady/man" (the President´s spouse) to invite YOU out to a wonderful Oslo-experience :)

This is an honor and a privelege I take very seriously, and after experiencing first hand the generousity and enthusiasm of the First Lady of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, I will do my utmost to prepare an unforgettable experience for you.

So, while our spouses (the delegates at SAED 2016) are focusing on the lectures, we will experience some of what the beautiful city has to offer, of scenery as well as food and wine. Now, if you have been contemplating NOT coming to Oslo for the SAED 2016 meetig, this should be as good as any reason to get your spouse to sign up as a delegate to SAED 2016, so that you can come over to Oslo and have a fab weekend with the rest of us!

I will set up our own event for this on Facebook, so that you all can register, and I will post more information there on what I got planned for us :)

Looking forward to seeing you all at SAED 2016 :)

Morten Duesund